His breath was rough as if he had been traumatized in

Sung Dong-hoon, the leader of Goguryeo’s left-wing general, is a great model. He was crossing Mt. Gwanak to ask for reinforcements. Blood was coming out of the bridge. His breath was rough as if he had been traumatized in parts of his body. An ordinary man would have fainted already, but his method was not disturbed at all. Rather, Dong-hoon’s spirit became clearer. I couldn’t understand it. Just two hours ago, Maengbu, the special forces unit of Goguryeo’s left-wing forces, tried to enter Hansung beyond the Silla-gun camp. It was such a meticulous operation that Dong-hoon was confident at that time.
However, by the time they had escaped down the Bukhangang River under the darkness of dawn, the Silla camp was full of lights and all were ready for battle. The Goguryeo army, which was even blocked from retreating, fought desperately, but only he managed to escape. The Silla camp must have judged that he must have held a position above the throne in his costume. Well, that’s what led to the conclusion that the pursuers were following him closely.
Dong-hoon calculated his physical strength and the speed of light attack. It’s too much……for this reason, we can’t go to Acha Castle, let alone Hansung. However, he had no choice. Fifteen thousand lives of Goguryeo were in his hands.
Just then, “Ping!”
There was a piercing sound in the ear. Dong-hoon instinctively crossed the somersault. “Papapapapapap!
A stone was embedded deep in a fir tree branch right in front of him. Master! Donghun looked straight back.
A young man in a raincoat stood. He wore a silver headband with gold feathers on his head. He was about 19 years old. He had to track him very quickly, so his breathing was rough.
It’s a gallery! It’s a gallery!~’
Dong-hoon looked at the blood flowing under his feet. You’ll have to run anyway and you won’t be able to make it. There is no guarantee of winning by fighting.
I had no time to think about this and that. Dong-hoon immediately gathered his fists and started attacking. The gallery also fought back with round arms.

▶ Goguryeo martial arts have been handed down since the reign of Gojoseon. Goguryeo, which was mainly focused on hunting, also developed the martial arts environment according to the environment, focusing on strength, and emphasized the importance of outer space rather than crafting or inner workings. Yuilgang, Simjeonghabil, and Dongjunggang were formed as the mainstream of Taekwondo and moved to Japan to develop into karate. On the other hand, Silla’s martial arts were in contrast to Goguryeo. Yusul, it is said to have crossed from Jun Jin, but it is not clear.
The characteristic of this martial art is that it is based on the province. In other words, Neungyu Steel and Jung Joong-dong-Softness were well overpowered by the strength, and the movement in the middle of silence was important.
Later, it developed with Hwarangdo Island and moved to China to become the beginning of Daedongryu Hapgi Yusuk, and moved to Japan in the early Unified Silla Period to become a vein of judo.
While Goguryeo’s chess is aimed at defeating the other party with dots and straight lines, Silla’s martial arts is characterized by its opponent’s attack centered on the circle and exploiting the opponent’s power.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
To be honest, I didn’t like posting these comments either.
Se-jin, who lived in a bachelor’s degree with me and respected me so much.
At first, I couldn’t help but worry about whether I should post something like this. However, as I saw my older brother changing gradually, I couldn’t just pass by as a junior. If you’re a true junior, don’t you need the courage to give advice about your senior’s fault? Then I’ll tell you myself. Why are you writing like this here?There may be some people who question that. However, it is really difficult to lead Sejin to the true path. There is a limit to my efforts alone, so I prepared this program. It’s called, “From bird droppings to sejin…”! But if I end up posting this on my own, I won’t be able to achieve my desired purpose. What’s important is your participation as a fortune teller. Because your harsh advice is more effective than my many scolding(?).
Let’s get to the bottom of Sejin’s reality. First of all, the most noticeable depravity is the change in return time. Even though he did it until the first semester, although he often overslept and skipped all the classes, he rarely violated the academic rule that he had to return home by 12 o’clock. However, after the opening of the class, I was a little busy and neglected to monitor, so my brother didn’t come to the academy, and even called me to open the locked bachelor’s door at 6 a.m., a junior who fell asleep while studying hard. Although my brother did something wrong, I always open the door with the noble intention that I should not be fired from my studies. If it was one or two times, I could have passed on thinking that something important had happened to me. However, as this happens all the time, I can’t let it go even if I’m a kind and pure spirit of sacrifice. Of course, some of the seniors reading this article will ask, “How dare a junior think that way to a senior?” But think about it, everyone. Isn’t there a saying that a needle thief becomes a cow thief? My hidden efforts were supported even before Sejin was here. What do you think will happen to Sejin in the future? So, I would like to ask you to participate actively. You can send an e-mail to Sejin, or post a message here, or call him directly if he doesn’t like it. Personally, I think the last method will be the most effective. For your information, Sejin’s phone number is. Then I’ll stop here for today. Isn’t there a saying that it’s overpaid? No matter how good the intentions begin, if they go too far, they don’t do what they haven’t done. In fact, if you dig up everything about Sejin, you can write about 50 A4 papers. If you want, please contact me personally. Then look forward to the sequel.

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