late autumn with sunny weather like a spring day

It is late autumn with sunny weather like a spring day. It’s time to look back on how many

fruits have grown in the fields of my life. Let’s take a look at whether I have made my life

beautiful with a generous heart that can not be ashamed of the farmer’s sincerity and hard work,

and whether I am a “good person” who embraces around me with a soft embrace.

Let’s get rid of prejudice: prejudice is the biggest obstacle to engagement. If you measure other people’s personality,

attitude, and behavior with the standards I have, there is no end. Rather than the person’s good appearance,

the disadvantages first come to the eye and the hateful feelings grow bigger. You can even fall into you

r own foolish illusion without being able to accept it as it is. Let’s take off the color glasses of

prejudice and broaden our thoughts to be objective.

Let’s feel the pain of others: It hurts and feels uncomfortable when the t-shirt from the wind go

es into your eyes. But what if there’s a t-shirt in other people’s eyes? When I go through it

myself, even the smallest things often feel like a mountain. However, the unique thing about a

person who is very inclusive is that he or she can sympathize and protect other people’s pai

n as if it were mine. It is always kept in mind that even if it seems trivial, it is very important to the person concerned.

Let’s respect the difference: If a person’s body is all hands or feet, he or she cannot act a

s a normal person. Because of such diversity, the body can do many things. Likewise, you sh

ould not think that I am the only one who is right. There’s a difference, but they say, “Y

ou have a different view. But help me understand your point of view.” When you listen to

other people’s opinions first and naturally talk about your thoughts, you will be able to understand each other truly.

Let’s control our emotions: You’ll be very surprised to see how much a person feels

and expresses during the day. However, emotions such as irritation and anger not onl

y destroy daily life but also harm others. Changes in emotions are sufficiently cont

rollable. Therefore, if you want to play your role with a clear mind and be loved,

find ways to control the flow of emotions such as cleaning the house or talking to

your friends after finding out the cause.

Spouse through experience: In front of others, there are people who reveal bad habits

just because they are soft and spending enough, but especially comfortable for family a

nd lovers. Embrace is not developed in just one day. It must flow into character throu

gh experience for a long time. Let’s not forget that good character will be developed

when we try to consider the other person and fill what the other person really wants.

What kind of nonsense is this?

I’m sure some of you think. The Korea Coffee Culture Association is planning

to hold a large seminar on October 29 under the theme of “Consideration for t

he Development of Korean Coffee Culture,” which means that you will attend bec

ause you are interested in it. But the content has not been decided yet, and th

e scope of the invitation has not been decided completely, so I couldn’t give

you an accurate answer. That’s why my reply was delayed, I’m very sorry. Actu

ally, I thought it would be confirmed by Monday, but it will be delayed a few days.

Please understand. As soon as it is decided, I think I can give you an answer by next Monday at the latest.

Next, Victoria Coffee, which you asked by personal mail, is the brand name of coffee pr

oduced by a small roaster in San Diego, California, USA. It is supplied in a very fresh

condition in the local area, so it has a pretty good taste. If you want to import it fr

om Korea, I can connect you. Of course, you can control the price or roasting condition to suit your income.

One more thing.
Today, I went to a club called Coffee Aesthetics, and I was able to watch an interesting

video about a Japanese-run coffee farm in Brazil. The Japanese named Shimosaka was working very hard to produce organic coffee


Organic coffee refers to coffee grown by a method that fundamentally blocks harmful ing

redients from getting into coffee beans by natural disaster prevention by means of enhanc

ing resistance to pest control, without using pesticides or fertilizers. But the organic c

offee in Papua New Guinea that I tried before had a strange taste, so I didn’t really impre

ss you, but today I didn’t feel that strange taste and I could taste a considerable amount

of coffee. In this regard, depending on the soil or the person who produces it, there s

eems to be a point where it cannot be fixed in one word.

Anyway, let’s all have a good time with coffee today!

It happened when a person living in Cheongju was 20 years old, not too far from the lead

er of the people. One day, on my way to the market, I found that a sublet (now a bag of

money) was fallen off the street. After unpacking the sublease and checking, there were

as many as 300 pieces of money. He wasn’t very rich, but he was worried about the lost

person, and he thought that if he found out that he had lost the sublease, he would c

ome back to find the sublease, so he put off his work and sat on the sublease to prev

ent another accident. After being there for a long time, a man who seemed to be a grazer

was dragging a donkey and looking around. The young man must have felt that he was a ma

n who lost his sublet and asked him, ‘What are you looking for?’ In a pensive voice, he

lamented, “I lost all the money I had to sell here a while ago.” “It’s hard to find it be

cause it’s a crowded place,” the young man asked for the shape of the convention, his ans

wer handed him the convention he was sitting on, and he said, “Is this right?” Then the yo

ung man refused and said, “If I had been greedy, I would have gone to all 300 of them alr

eady.” “I heard you were doing business, so make a lot of money and use it for more serio

us things.” The young man disappeared. The young man later entered Donghakcheondo Island

and founded Cheondogyo as his third teacher, and became a teacher. He is Uiam Son Byeon

g-hee, a 33-member national representative who advocated the Declaration of Independenc

e in Korea. The merchant later recognized that he was the young man of the time and donat

ed funds for the March 1st Movement, including merchants. This may sound foolish in this

day and age, but I want you to know that true history is bound to be made by honest peopl

e like Uiam Son Byung-hee, who try to dismiss it in a dishonest way with a small amount o

f power. If there are more honest people like Uiam Son Byung-hee in this era, wouldn’t our society be a better world than now?

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